Wellness at your Fingertips

In all energy processes, nature has its own way and timing. There is no need to rush or to force extra energy into the body. Over time, by using PolarAid, the body is saturated with positive naturally-occurring vital energy and any negative sensations will dissipate. Energy channels are clear channels and the body, as are all living things, can be infused with positive, vital energy.  When energy circulates freely through the body, you tend to experience improved wellbeing, wellness, peace, comfort and harmony.

Use PolarAid on specific areas of the body or on common ‘energy centers, energy meridans’ (also called Chakras). For chakras 1 to 5: use from 5 up to 10 minutes per chakra. For chakras 6 and 7: use only 1 to 3 minutes per chakra.


Enhance the flow of ‘Qi’ energy – Improve balanced energy and vitality!

Promote quality of sleep, relaxation. Enhance female and male sexual health at all stages of adult life. Support weight management and healthy metabolism, bowel health, cardiovascular health, ocular health, sinus health, cerebral health, mental calm, balanced moods, emotional health and more.

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