How to use PolarAid™

  • Restoring your self-healing capability
  • PolarAid™ on ailing areas
  • Neutralizing stress
  • General treatment instructions
  • Experiment with PolarAid™
  • Possible side effects

Restoring your self-healing capability

Dr Tomic has developed PolarAidTm polarization disc not to replace a pharmaceutic drug by a natural one but to intervene at the root of the problem, in addressing the cause of our diseases.

We all have a body which has self-healing capabilities like all live beings. However, this self-healing capability declines with age because our body cells are less and less able to absorb the natural ambient energy which feeds us.

The PolarAidTM disc has been designed to work as an antenna to provide an amplified flow of this ambient energy wherever applied on our body. Thus it restores the body cell ability to absorb again this ambient energy, allowing the body to restore its self-healing capability.

To re-energize our body cells, we need to apply polarization disc PolarAidTM on each of our 7 chakras, as per protocol defined by Dr Tomic and his team.

PolarAid™ on ailing areas

  • Place disc directly on an aching point. Occasionally, the pain may intensify but will eventually decrease to cease.
  • Place disc on painful joints for 20-30 minutes, 1-2 times/day.
  • Place disc on the sternum to relax.
  • Place disc near your bed to enhance sleep quality.
  • Place disc on the floor, stand on it for 10-15 minutes/foot to treat poor circulation and cold feet.
  • Place disc daily on the stomach (between navel and sternum) 5-10 minutes, then on 5th chakra 5-10 minutes to stimulate thyroid gland, accelerate metabolism and help treat obesity.

Neutralizing stress

To quickly neutralize stress, place the palm of your hand on the disc or holding it between your hands for a few minutes – as long as comfortable.  You will promptly experience a calming effect.  For the same calming effect, place the disc on the 3rd chakra, just above the stomach.  Your body’s genetic blueprint is on your hands, the soles of your feet and your outer ear. Placing the disc on these areas will activate and harmonize of your entire body in a few minutes.

General treatment instructions

Apply PolarAid™ from 20 to 30 minutes

  • Shorter application periods are recommended for people over 60 y/o
  • Drink a glass of water to detoxify before and after each treatment
  • Use PolarAid™ in the morning for best results
  • Place disc over clothes or directly on the skin
  • One treatment may include several points of application
  • PolarAid™ can be used on people, pets and plants
  • Daily treatments are recommended until problem is resolved
  • Use PolarAid™ as indicated, at your own risk. If exhaustion occurs, reduce usage duration or cease using for a day or 2.

Experiment with PolarAid™

  • Place under a pot of water for 30 minutes to obtain softer water infused with energy to help maintain healthy body functions
  • Place under a potted plant or used the energized water to water your plants
  • Place under a plate of food to improve taste – particularly for industrially-processed food
  • Place in a room to eliminate harmful electromagnetic radiations and negative energy

Possible side effects

Using PolarAid™ may incur side effects. This is normal. It indicates the body is currently working on a dysfunction. These sensations gradually diminish, until the discomfort is eliminated. The side effects may include:

  • Enhanced pain and aching
  • Itching
  • Pressure
  • Burning or warming sensation
  • Enhanced bowel function
  • Noticeable discomforts in the case of compromised health