Harness the Powerful, Vital Energy Surrounding Us! Wellness at your Fingertips!

Enhance the flow of ‘Qi’ energy – Improve balanced energy and vitality!

Promote quality of sleep, relaxation. Enhance female and male sexual health at all stages of adult life. Support weight management and healthy metabolism, bowel health, cardiovascular health, ocular health, sinus health, cerebral health, mental calm, balanced moods, emotional health and more.


Special instructions

  • If the disc gets scratched, damaged or peels off over time, the disc remains completely efficient as only dismembering the rings which form the antenna would affect its efficiency, but this could only happen with an excessive use of force.
  • Avoid using the disc in the evening unless absolutely necessary. Falling asleep with the disc on the body may cause uncomfortable sensations.
  • If this happens, fully hydrate by taking lukewarm showers a few times a day, drink plenty of water and discontinue use for a few days.
  • The disc is equally efficient using either side up but it is best to place the antenna side on the skin.
  • Clothing does not diminish the efficiency of the disc.
  • Keeping the disc under a pillow or a bed is not recommended. Place the disc 1 meter away from the bed.
  • Use PolarAid with reason. Excessive use does not yield better results.
  • Use PolarAid as indicated. If exhaustion occurs, reduce usage duration or cease using for a day or 2.