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She threw away her crutches after using PolarAid disc for seven days


“After twenty days of treatment with PolarAid polarization disc, the wounds on her leg were completely healed, there was not even a scar,” explains Dr. Tomic.

Bacila stake nakon sedam danaThe latest scientific findings have proven something known thousands years ago that energy is the essence of everything. As Nikola Tesla said, humans are primarily energy and spiritual beings whose presence in the material world is manifested in physical form. It is also known that no system in the universe, including our planet, can work smoothly if there is not enough energy. Of course, this applies to the most advanced system in the universe, i.e. the human body. In missing vital energy, our cells and body parts suffer, and consequently illnesses occur. Proceeding from this since ancient times, various techniques of treatment have tried to raise the level and flow of energy in the human body, in order to stimulate self-healing body mecanisms. nowadays there are modern quantum devices, which are really far ahead of our times. However, in the last century, the brilliant Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky constructed a simple device which made it possible to have free of charge, permanent access to this inexhaustible ocean of life energy, which is vital for our health. PolarAid disc functions like an antenna device that collects life energy (bioenergy) from our environment, amplifies and directs it on body parts. In this way PolarAid  disc allows organ cells to regenerate and to function normally.

The disc heals and rejuvenates!

Photo of the leg before the treatment with PolarAid
Persa Beocin posle
Photo of the leg after starting the treatment with PolarAid

The effects of the vital energy on our health are best seen in concrete examples. “One of the most striking examples is the case of Mrs. Persa Petrovic (1937) from Beocin, who contacted me very quickly after she started to use PolarAid disc. In fact, Mrs. Persa struggled for years with varicose veins and open wounds that had not been cured despite various medical treatments. The condition of her leg was very serious – she could not walk at all, so she had to use crutches. She says that the pain was so strong and she was not able even to put on a sock on her foot. After using the polarization disc for only seven days, the pain stopped and she simply threw away the crutches! When she called me to tell me her story, I advised her to take photos of the changes on her leg, so that we could track them over time. On the same day I received a photo of her leg taken by her granddaughter. Twenty days later I received the next photo and I could not believe my eyes. The wound had completely healed. There was not even a scar. The skin on the entire leg was regenerated and rejuvenated, with pink, healthy color that can be seen in photos. Mrs. Persa is now walking normally. She has no pain and expressed immense gratitude. I also express my gratitude to her because she gave us all, the chance to see the “miraculous” power of energy that is provided by the extraordinary device, PolarAid disc. The same visible changes that occur on the skin, occur within tissue or internal body parts, with the use of PolarAid disc. The result is a general and very rapid improvement in the entire state of our health” said Dr. Dino Tomic, the designer and creator of the application methods of the PolarAid disc for medical purposes.

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