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The power of energy: when pictures speak for themselves


We bring you another testimonial from a PolarAid user, through the words by Dr. Dino Tomic. So here’s the story about multiple benefits of using the polarization disc – below is the picture of the originally published article.

Pictures that speak for themselvesA picture is worth a thousand words – this has been known for a long time. Unfortunately, everything that happens in our internal organs under the influence of bioenergy is not possible to be recorded, but the skin as our largest organ is available to our eyes. It is a mirror of our health. Very often the diseases of our internal organs are manifested in certain regions of our skin, but, unfortunately, modern medicine has not paid enough attention to this fact. Through changes in the skin we can observe the effects of all actions we are taking for the purpose of treatment. In my previous work on the study of the effects of bioenergy on the human body I have a huge number of testimonials about truly amazing results achieved by users of the PolarAid polarization disc, a device that boosts the influx of bioenergy, achieved in a very short time. Given that a true life story is something that leaves the biggest impression on all of us, here is one of them.

Since I have been working for years as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, I have had the opportunity to follow some patients for many years, and to know everything about their all health problems. One of these patients was Sanja Antunovic (1972), known to me for a long time because I have been her teacher in Secondary Medical School. Then I took care about her pregnancies, and I follow her health condition until the present days. Unfortunately, life circumstances are not always friendly, so Sanja had heavy physical and psychological trauma and constant long-term stress, which all together, resulted in vitiligo (partial depigmentation of the skin). Being touched by her story, and wishing to help her in any way, I offered her to try to fix her health problems with PolarAid.

After a short period of time she wrote to me: “Dear Doctor, PolarAid has given me so much faith, strength and vigor. I have had no pain anymore. PolarAid helped me with my metabolism. My body does not produce serotonin and vasopressin due to interruption of nerve 5. Since I use PolarAid I have intense emptying of my bowel. I had serious problems with my stool. Now, I have a regular stool. Hemorrhoids have disappeared and I have no more pain in my stomach. Also, I have a greater need for water. Once I drank a glass or two, and now I drink 1.5 to 2 liters. My urinary tract was prone to infections every two months, and it is now stable.


I have pigment on almost all parts of my body. Regeneration is started under my left eye where the disease began to spread from. I am very happy and positive. I was exposed to stress for twenty years. I used to twitch at night. I woke up. But now I can sleep well and I wake up rested with PolarAid. Thank you very much.” On the photo left: Regeneration of skin. 

This is only a fragment of a moving story, and it is a great satisfaction if you are able to remove even a small part of someone’s overweight burden carried on its back. This is also a fantastic view of the power of vital energy (bioenergy), which is all around us and which we can enter into our organism in unlimited quantities by means of a simple device such as PolarAId. When such energy starts to flow freely through our body, it really makes miracles to happen. 

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