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Thanks to PolarAid my heart beats again like a clock


“After only 4 months of continuous usage of PolarAidtm disc, my health condition is completely stabilized”, says Danica Kovacevic

Doctor, please tell what is wrong with me? The most difficult question for anyone who has been practicing, and still heard so often, but there is no answer, not even from those who are considered to be the most qualified.  Through years of professional work and of practicing in comparative medicine, the only answer which comes to my mind is that health is a complex image  and reflection of one’s life at all levels. For those sharing this philosophy, it is even a greater challenge to explain it to the patient and to help him in an adequate way. Through anamnesis, it is very difficult to get into the history of all aspects of one’s life, the conditions in which he lives, what are his habits and ways of thinking. We deliberately poison ourselves, and  even worse, we get poisoned by others, unaware of it. For years we suffer pressures from all sides, hurting each other with heavy words at home and at work, getting poured with fear and uncertainty from all news media. In the  end, we begin to produce toxic (destructive) thoughts and forms of thinking that have a devastating effect on us. And when the immune system breaks, who do you think, could give a simple answer to this question?


What I’ve learned from all work and life experience, is that prevention is  the only adequate way to defend and preserve health. When the boat starts to sink, it is already late. Of course, it’s hard to resist to all challenges, to control all aspects of your life, because you can’t influence all of them.  It’s hard to recognize and to change long-standing habits but everything is our choice, and in my opinion, health is the most important among all choices to be made which means that we must use determination, strong will and patience to correct a poor health. I just had the opportunity to learn it through conversations with Ms. Danica Kovacevic (77), from Belgrade, who recently contacted me with truly amazing news.

Danica explained that significant health problems began ten years ago, after a serious family tragedy. Her heart began beating uncontrollably, blood pressure began to drastically vary on a daily basis in spite of any possible treatment. She got diagnosed with an absolute cardiac arrhythmia. She started to go from one specialist to another one, in changing therapies with no improvement, her life turned into anxiety. Five months ago, Danica bought polarization disc PolarAid and began to use it. By the way, she also had swollen and painful joints, her soles ached so much that she could not walk. She applied disc on her soles, causing her pain to the tears, but she endured it. The pain gradually disappeared, and finally completely stopped. Now she walks normally without any difficulty. After four months of continuous application of polarization disc PolarAid, her heart established a normal rhythm so today it beats like a clock. The blood pressure which varied daily also got normalized, and even switched into hypotension, so that Danica no   longer needs to use any more drugs. Her enormous enthusiasm was also shared by her daughter-in-law, a neurology specialist who could not hide her impressions (joy). Danica’s husband Milos Kovacevic (84) joined in the conversation, in explaining how polarization disc PolarAid, helps him for his own health issues. He also showed us energized water from the bottle placed on the disc and which they continuously drink and also use to water   their flowers. Since they have started watering flowers with energized water “the flowers have been going crazy,” says Milos. Even at end of October, all the flowers on the terrace were in full bloom like in the middle of summer. Basil which used to be a little, dried plant, had reached 80 cm.

The beautiful ambiance and pleasure of socializing with these wonderful people became even greater when I discovered that the two of them had been in a harmonious marriage for 60 years. If true that life writes novels, this is one of those bringing us to faith and hope, and showing all the beauty of life.

Dr. Dino Tomić currently works as a medical doctor, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For the past 20 years, he has explored and experimented with alternative medicines such as quantum and bio-resonance medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and energy techniques.

PolarAid – polarization disk, in supporting restoration of body’s self-healing capability, has an excellent performance in: gynecological and urological problems, PMS, climacteric problems, infertility, weakened libido and potency, obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal problems, painful joints and spine, all kinds of pain, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroiditis, sinusitis, headache, mood disorders, etc.