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Thank you PolarAid for the quality of life I enjoy today!


Dear PolarAidTM  users, we are happy to share today this inspiring story reported to us by M.B. from Edmonton (Alberta). For those of you who have an inspiring story to share with others and help them discover the benefits of bioenergy, please contact us and we will be happy to publish an article about your story. Thank you all for your confidence and contribution to this project!  – Dr. Dino Tomic

I have never thought it could be improved!

I wish to share with you today this beautiful testimony from Mrs M.B. from Edmonton (Alberta).

“From my early age I had to deal with many painful and quality of life limiting conditions. Through my own experience and experience of dear people around me, I learned that inner wisdom that opened me to the world of alternatives helped me to manage my conditions in limiting further degeneration and most important freeing me from the pain. Today I am 84 and I feel so re-energized and full of joy for life which I passionately share with my children and my grandchildren! What particularly contributed to my well-being and improvement in my health condition is PolarAid disc and here is my testimonial which I would love to share so it may inspire my peers and trust their inner wisdom’s reflection on it.

I purchased the PolarAid disc in January. After few months of using the PolarAid disc and especially treating daily the pelvic area, I have no more urinary incontinence! Last night I slept from 10pm to 6am and no need to go to the washroom! I could not believe that it could ever improve! I am 84 year old and usually in aging, things go more downhill than uphill. When I was 43, I had a hysterectomy and they had to fix my bladder. The last couple of years I had to wear pads as in bending or in lifting up something the urine was leaking without control. I did not want to have another surgery as I know people whom surgery did not help at all.

Three months later, in April, I went to check my thyroid gland tumor which to my doctor’s surprise reduced in the size!

I also have glaucoma and thanks to supplements which I take the eye pressure has been stable for 3 years. Last week I went for the laser treatment and was told that blurred vision, headache and eye pain are the side effects to be expected. Few days before the treatment I started to apply on my eyes for a couple of minutes the PolarAid disc and I did same after the treatment. I did NOT have a single side effect after the laser treatment!

When I feel back pain, I apply the disc for 15 minutes and I am ready to do my garden!
I purchased a PolarAid disc for my daughter to help her to recover faster from a gynecological surgery which indeed she did quickly and very well!

Thank you PolarAid for the quality of life I enjoy today!” (Mrs M.B. from Edmonton, Alberta)

“It is today scientifically proven that health disorders occur first at the energy level and then materialize as a physical illness. Hence the lack of or poor flow of vital natural energy through our bodies is the main cause of most diseases.

One of the simplest and most effective device which impresses me is PolarAidTM , the invention of the genial Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky who worked with Nikola Tesla. This small device needs no electric power to raise in a short time, the energy flow in body, hence stimulating its self-healing capabilities. ” – Dr. Dino Tomic