PolarAid™ Testimonials

M.C. (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
Good Morning! I wish to say, even at this early stage of using the disc - just for two days, I find myself having much lower pain levels, more flexibility and I am able to go through the day with more energy. I am most delighted! Thank you, with Blessings.
R.H. (Pompano Beach, US)
I am enjoying my PolarAid disc and use it daily. When I feel pain in my hips in the middle of the night, I slip it under me and within two minutes, the pain is gone!
G.B. (Fort Pierce, US)
Thank you for that disc. I just had my thyroid checked and there is a tremendous improvement in it. I continue to share it with friends and co-workers who have purchased the disc too!
G.H. (Saguenay, Quebec)
For 10 years, affected by an uveitis, a rare clover-shaped inflammation of the pupil of the eye, I had to take drops all the time! Early this year, I decided to apply PolarAid 2 to 3 times a day on this eye. Six weeks later, during a check, much to my ophthalmologist's surprise, the uveitis was gone and my eye was again healthy.
I suffered from osteoarthritis, so advanced that my orthopedist advised me to have an operation in commenting "your knees are finished”! All day long, my knees were so painful, and even more so in the evening. I have applied PolarAid since January. It is now rare that I have pain and if that happens, I apply the disc without waiting. The orthopedist I visited in early April, told me that if I had no pain when walking, an operation would not make sense!
Fifteen years ago, I tore ligaments of the left shoulder and since last fall the pain has become so persistent, that I had to receive infiltration, not just one but two, every three months. I have therefore decided to apply PolarAid also on my shoulder as soon as the pain appears. The pain first increases a little then decreases to disappear. I am really happy to have discovered PolarAid especially that it helped me to recover my energy lost long ago.
C.P. (St-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec)
I use the disc for a few days and there are already good improvements - I have intestinal disorders.
C.J. (Montreal, Quebec)
“I received the most wonderful gift from one of my aunts. After more than 11 years of neuropathic, fibromyalgia, pathological pain, I finally had considerable relief after only a few weeks of using the PolarAid disc. I do not know where it will lead me to. I continue because I found nothing like this disc. I have had multiple sclerosis and neuropathy (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) since birth. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES!”
G.H. (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
I ordered yesterday and received the PolarAid disc this afternoon. Thanks. Very prompt shipping!
A.M. (Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec)
When I was pregnant with my daughter at the age of 30, I suffered from embolic phenomena that have since given me a tachycardia problem. I am 82 years old and in getting older this problem happened more often and lasted longer. I saw the advertisement on PolarAidTM in Good Times magazine and ordered it in February 2017. I have followed the suggestions of use since the beginning and after 10 months of using the PolarAidTM disc, I can say that during all these months I had only 1 or 2 tachycardia that quickly stopped with the application of the disc. Also, I feel energized and inspired, what pleases my entourage! I had the opportunity to offer the disc to my family and they were all very happy. My friend, a psychology doctor, ordered a PolarAidTM disc for his son who suffers from migraines and he told me that it helped him.
F.H. (Kelowna, British Columbia)
I am 90 years old... an age where many people resign themselves to being in pain
and discomfort. In my case, I was reacting badly to prescription drugs and pain-
killers. When I read about the PolarDisc in a popular magazine I was skeptical but
decided to try it as a last resort. How fortunate for me that I did! I had been suffering
for years from chronic back pain resulting from a fall. I was also suffering from severe vertigo that sometimes made it impossible for me to leave my bed for hours.
It was accompanied by many of the symptoms that people suffer during the course
of a migraine attack. By using some of the recommended techniques in the video on your website, my back pain is a thing of the past, and I am able to nip vertigo in the
bud at the first indication it is about to occur. I can truthfully say that these signals rarely happen anymore. I am purchasing a second disc which I hope will
amplify the improvement of a circulatory problem, and I'm hoping to buy more of
them soon for family members and friends who can benefit from a gift of good health. In any event, I hope it will prove helpful to others in my age group who have resigned themselves to a painful lifestyle. Yours sincerely... and gratefully!
M.C. (Etobicoke, Ontario)
In November 2016 I was operated from a circulation problem in my left leg and had 2 stents installed. As soon as the circulation was established, wounds opened on my left foot, particularly between toes and on the heel, which is often the case in this kind of surgery. Being diabetic further slowed down the healing of the wounds so I ended up with severe complications. My wife heard of PolarAid disc and ordered one. I used the disc as per Dr.Tomic recommendations and particularly, I applied it under my foot. I kept visiting my surgeon who was very worried that at one point I would need toe amputation. I was very persistent and kept using the disc. In October 2017, the surgeon was stunned to see that toes had completely healed and color of skin returned to normal. He said “I am so sad that I did not take pictures of earlier stages, as my colleagues will not believe me”. Thank you PolarAid, this is a gift to humanity!
E.F. (La Garde, Paris, France)
Following an operation of colon cancer in 2013 and another surgery due to an incisional hernia 7 months later, I had a hard time getting back on my feet. Too tired, no more appetite, stomach ache, day and night, and a big depression that worsened for 2 years. A friend of mine recommended PolarAid to me a few months ago. Since then, I can live again, no more pain and I found again the joy of life. I am a 74-year-old lady and I would recommend PolarAid to anyone with health problems.
C.C. (Gatineau, Quebec)
I have been affected by a fibromyalgia since the age of 40 and have been suffering from a sleep apnea problem for more than 25 years, hence a chronic fatigue was well established. I also had to get up at least twice every night to go to urinate and get up between 4 and 6 times a night to drink water because my throat was constantly dry, and this, despite the use of the CPAP device which moistened my throat. In addition, in recent years, my sinuses seemed constantly blocked for no reason. So, to unblock them, I had to rinse my nasal passages every day, with saline products.
The condition of chronic fatigue forced me to take long naps in the afternoon, between 2 and 4 hours, and this, every day. Fibromyalgia prevented me from doing any exercise, with pain taking over as soon as I moved. When I bought the disc, I used it every day, on all chakras, and after two weeks, major changes began to manifest themselves. Naps became rarer until they disappeared completely. Fibromyalgia dropped so much that I did not realize I was in pain. I now do 60 minutes of cardio at the gym, 5 days a week and I do aqua fitness 4-5 days a week. Not only do I sleep now, but I do not feel the need to go to urinate twice during the night. My throat and my sinuses have normalized like magic without any other intervention than the daily use of the Polaraid disc. I recommend this wonderful instrument to everyone I love.
H.V. (Fort Erie, Ontario)
I cannot believe it! I purchased PolarAid disc 3 weeks ago for my urge incontinence which I have suffered from for 3-4 years.
According to my doctor, the bladder has no abnormalities so there was no real explanation why the problem persisted. I refused medication as potential side effects terrified me so I did not want to end up with few more problems. After 3-4 days of using the PolarAid disc, I cannot believe that I sleep the full night with not a single pee and during the day I have no more accidental urinary loss. The bladder was the main reason I bought the disc but I found out that it also helped with another condition which had been also limiting the quality of my life for a long time.
A couple of years ago I had a knee surgery and never recovered from the vertigo which started right after. I am using the disc regularly on my chakras and it cleared my long lasting dizziness. I am an 80-year-old lady and because of vertigo, I had to hold the ramp every time when using the stairs and now I feel I no longer need this support!
I am telling all my friends about my experience which, I wish, will inspire them to try the disc! Thank you PolarAid!
B.B. (Stoney Creek, Ontario)
I am a new person!
For years, I have suffered from very bad anxiety and even from depression. I have spent thousands of dollars but nothing helped me. So when I read about PolarAid disc, I thought "why not?" In two weeks after using the disc daily, calm came over me. I have now boundless energy, I am so much happier and I can sleep well. I am a new person! I am so excited that I talk about the disc to everybody and my two sisters bought it. Now I use the disc only a couple of times a week, and rest of the time, I leave it on the table in the room. So thank you and please keep up with the good work.
P.D. (Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec)
It's wonderful!
I have been operated years ago and my gall bladder was removed. Since then, I have only had problems. I underwent many tests and spent money to find nothing, and yet, I still had this pain at the liver level. I'm 87 years old and still take care of myself, I see well and drive my car but I was dragging myself to do anything, everything was an effort. I discovered the PolarAid disc in the Good Times magazine. After 5 days of application on my liver, the pain disappeared! And I am now completely changed, I have much more energy and I don't feel like before. So I just bought a second disc for my granddaughter.
N.G. (St-Lambert, Quebec)
I ordered PolarAid disc for the pain in the groin which sometimes caused me difficulty in walking. I use it ever since and now I walk without pain. I also use it for back or shoulder pain and it helps gracefully. My daughter also had one and noticed that her circulatory problems are improving.
I keep talking to my friends because I find that the disc is a fantastic tool to help us better manage our health. Thanks PolarAid!
F.G. (Mississauga, Ontario)
I ordered PolarAid disc about a year ago. My main preoccupation was the severe back pain from degenerative spine conditions caused by a car accident in early 70s. Sometimes the pain was so intense that it would wake me up during the night. Since I have used PolarAid disc, the pain has greatly diminished so the quality of my life changed for better.
What I also noticed and I am particularly grateful for, is that I no longer have sleep apnea. I could not use the machine as I have a nose deviation, so combined with my back pain my sleep was very poor. I regularly apply the disc on forehead and sternum which, it seems obvious, cleared the obstructions causing the apnea.
An interesting remark is that I stopped moving abruptly during the night which before, I would realize when seeing my mattress displaced. I also find that I am less anxious and I manage better my long term depression.
Thank you dr.Tomic for this great product which I do not separate from.
M.B. (Edmonton, Alberta)
I purchased the PolarAid disc in January. After few months of using the PolarAid disc and especially treating daily the pelvic area, I have no more urinary incontinence! Last night I slept from 10pm to 6am and no need to go to the washroom! I could not believe that it could ever improve! I am 84 year old and usually in aging, things go more downhill than uphill. When I was 43, I had a hysterectomy and they had to fix my bladder. The last couple of years I had to wear pads as in bending or in lifting up something the urine was leaking without control. I did not want to have another surgery as I know people whom surgery did not help at all.

Three months later, in April, I went to check my thyroid gland tumor which to my doctor’s surprise reduced in the size!

I also have glaucoma and thanks to supplements which I take the eye pressure has been stable for 3 years. Last week I went for the laser treatment and was told that blurred vision, headache and eye pain are the side effects to be expected. Few days before the treatment I started to apply on my eyes for a couple of minutes the PolarAid disc and I did same after the treatment. I did NOT have a single side effect after the laser treatment!

When I feel back pain, I apply the disc for 15 minutes and I am ready to do my garden!
I purchased a PolarAid disc for my daughter to help her to recover faster from a gynecological surgery which indeed she did quickly and very well!

Thank you PolarAid for the quality of life I enjoy today!
L.B. (Sorel-Tracy, Quebec)
The PolarAid disc helped me a lot when I had red and very sensitive eyes, for which no product helped me. I have been using the disc for one month every day for 10 minutes on each eye. I still have a bit of redness but the sensitivity has finally disappeared! I also regained my energy to the point of having resumed social dance at 77 years!
L.H. (Boucherville, Quebec)
I received my PolarAid disc on March 31th, 2017 and started using it the following day, April 1st, but it was not an April Fool’s!
The 1st purpose of the purchase was to relieve the intense pain that I had in two fingers, mainly on the outer part, on the surface of the hand. I occasionally received massages, at a cost of $ 95 each, which worked for a little while. But, in addition to the recurring costs, I did not have the appointment when I needed it and I had to be available!
Now with my disc, which I use when I want, I no longer have this problem. It was enough to place it and keep it between my hands 10-15 minutes a few times and the intense pain faded. But I still feel discomfort and a bit of pain and this comes regularly, it is certain as osteoarthritis remains. On the other hand, I have the tool that avoids me to suffer unnecessarily!
I immediately tested the disc on each chakra. While my intestines were regular as a clock, during the 3-4 days they became a bit capricious. I still went on because I had read that a problem could be accentuated at the beginning, because of the energy work, but that everything would return in order. And it was the case!
Finally, since I use the disc, I am more inclined to drink water!
I do not hesitate to talk about it and to suggest to people around me to experience it.
N.G. (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
I am ordering a PolarAid disc for my friend who suffers from back pain because with using the PolarAid disc for a month, for my knee pain and my back pain, I have been able as of the first few days to appreciate its efficiency. It used to take me ten minutes every morning to get up as my knees were stiff and painful, now the pain disappears quickly. I then decided to do the complete treatment of the chakras because just undergoing chemotherapy treatments, I had no energy. I was weak and a somewhat a bit aggressive. I not only recovered my energy but also my good humor!
C.R. (Windsor,Quebec)
I ordered the PolarAid disc on Thursday morning and on Friday morning it arrived via post. So I began my treatments the same day and in the evening, my spouse already saw the difference on my mood and my back, head, neck and many other pains caused by fibromyalgia and major intestinal problems. Thank you PolarAid, I keep taking care of myself!
F.R. (Bonaventure, Quebec)
Following an accident two years ago, I suffered from heavy neck pain which I was prescribed more than $100 of medication for that I had to put in the garbage because of their secondary effects. In my case they attacked the liver, the stomach and the heart among others, I developed gastritis and especially unbearable heart palpitations that continued even after I stopped using them! I saw your ad in "Bel Age" (Good Times) and decided to buy your PolarAid disc which I have been using since last summer. Gastritis, palpitations and my neck pain disappeared! I always keep my PolarAid with me, even at night, I apply it at my feet in the bed!
M. Lefthaili (Tazghilit, Morocco)
As a young Moroccan woman, I live in the Anti-Atlas, a few hours south of Marrakech, in Morocco. I suffer from lupus, an autoimmune disease that destroys my vital organs. While I had been a sportswoman (karateka), doses of cortisone had swollen my body, I had become a human wreck. Once, I was able to have a bio-resonance treatment in Casablanca but it took me two days and cost 120 euros plus the transportation and hotel costs. I do not have the means to do such expensive treatment on a regular basis. A friend in Canada sent me your PolarAid disc. After a year of using the disc, I just resumed jogging! I was able to stop the doses of cortisone which had made me deformed. I can use the disc at any time without having to pay very expensive treatments and I do not have to travel from my douar (mountain village). The least I can do is to testify to express my gratitude!
J.G. (Grass Valley, California)
This is the 2nd PolarAid disc I've purchased. My boyfriend, my sister and a good friend have all ordered based upon my experience with your product. I am buying this one as a gift to another sister (who is not as open to this type of thing). Thought you might like to hear this.
Robert J. (Reb Bluff, California, US)
I have been living for 14 years with multiple sclerosis suffering particularly form Trigeminal Neuralgia pain which killed my ability to talk and eat. I purchased PolarAid disc and after only one night of application I noticed enormous change in my energy level, AND no pain so I am now able again to speak and to take my breakfast... I have no words to express my gratitude, thank you very much PolarAid!
Sabine C. (Surrey, BC)
My mom told me about your product in the hopes that it would give me some relief. I am a woman entering early menopause and I am going through some very serious pain as a result. I found myself in so much pain every month that all I could do was curl up in a ball with my heating pad and pain killers for a good 2 days. I am a skeptical person by nature but I decided to give your disc a try. To my surprise, I have been able to keep the pain at bay since trying the PolarAid disc. Since it worked so well on my abdominal pain I decided to try it on my migraine headaches which I have suffered from for decades. Wouldn't you know it, the disc took care of that too. I would have thought the product worth it if it took care of one of my pains but this surpasses anything I could have hoped for. I have even used it to clarify my water and I can actually taste a difference. I have told anyone who will listen about your product and will continue to do so!! I plan on giving one to my best friend so that she can experience the relief I am feeling because when you find something that works like this well you want to share the wealth so to speak with dear friends and family.

For all this and more I say Thank You for coming up with this marvelous small piece of wonder!
L.D. (Longueuil, Quebec)
I've been sick all my life! Having no antibodies after the removal of my spleen, I had infection after infection and needed to take "tons" of antibiotics with the result of an irritated colon, to the point of developing an ulcerous colitis... For 15 years I had to eat mainly white rice and boiled eggs! My weight had fallen to 97 pounds! I tried many natural products which improved my condition a bit but I still had terrible pain. Then I discovered PolarAid. The PolarAid disc first improved my intestinal transit and pain which I had everywhere, liver, intestines, etc... started to diminish, sometimes with ups and downs but I did not give up and I continued the treatment. After three months, pains had greatly diminished and I could FINALLY eat everything (meat in sauce, vinegar seasonings, ...) and drink wine! It was a real rebirth because I feel today as a new person. I continue to closely follow doctor's protocol in energizing my chakras, and in drinking water, energized with the disk. My condition keeps improving all the time.
P.B. (Rimouski, Quebec)
My first night of sleep in 13 years, thanks to PolarAid! I received the PolarAid disc and applied it to my chakras. When I reached chakras on the forehead and the top of the skull, I experienced intense pain in my head. The following day, I no longer had the same pain, on the contrary, my forehead was very cold. Since then, I sleep from 10pm to 6am! I give this testimony so that other people can understand the effectiveness of this PolarAid that has changed my life! I have also experienced the energization of water that I drink and have noticed how different the taste is.
S.T. (Longueuil, Quebec)
Since I have discovered PolarAid disc myself, I bought 7 more discs and offered them to my family and friends. We are all gratified to have discovered a fantastic tool which being in 70ties enormously helps us daily to deal with different kinds of pain. Thanks to the PolarAid which I use daily on my chakras, my vitality has been restored, I feel energized and younger.
H.C. (La Prairie)
Winter! I fell on my back in my drive-way. No problem during the day but in the evening, I could barely go to bed as pain was terrible! I put the disc under my back and slept all night long on it. In the morning, back pain had completely disappeared but I still had a knee pain. I applied the disc in maintaining it all day long in a knee pad. In the evening, the knee pain had also disappeared!
W.Z. (Toronto)
Dear Dr. Tomic,
I have had the Disc for about three months...
I am 75... At 70, I was forced to have a below-knee amputation due to medical incompetence (not a diabetic)... Have 'not' had a sick day all my life... But, I guess we all start to wear down somewhat as time goes by...
Every morning since my surgery, I have experienced very sharp stabs of pain in my lower back for a couple of minutes each day when I get up, or after prolonged sitting... I used the Disc for 5 minutes/day on my lower spine for only a week... The pain Completely Disappeared...!!! I wake up, put on my prosthesis, stand up, and I'm ready to dance... NO PAIN...!!! Thank You Doctor...!!!
PS: I was amazed at what the Disc does to tap water after 30 minutes... The taste is delightful...!!!
Teresa M. (Toronto)
I have been suffering from post-traumatic stress for years which was leaving me lethargic with no energy to go through my days. I ordered PolarAid disc and followed the protocol. In just a few days I felt a huge improvement. I understood that just by sitting on the disc, keeping it close to me on the table and in my Pocket, feeds my body with energy which I desperately missed for years. Thank you PolarAid.
H.L. (Trois-Rivières, Quebec)
I have pain in the shoulder caused by my secretarial work that required me to get acupuncture treatments. In 4 to 5 days with the PolarAid disc, my pain has decreased by approximately 80%. I also had insomnia that woke me up around 3 am. I felt so tired but since I have put PolarAid on my night table, I sleep till around 6:00, finally enjoying full nights.
E.B. (Sudbury, Ontario)
It works! It works! I just saw your new article in Alive and Fit about Mrs. Persa who was able to heel in three weeks her varicose veins and opened wounds on her leg, in using PolarAid. This is what just happened to me as I have been able, in using PolarAid for two weeks, to get rid of 2 year old and 4 year old ulcers on my feet. The nurse who comes to look after me, told me that she does not know what I have done but to continue doing it as it works!
M.J. (Terrebonne, Quebec)
A gentleman with prostate cancer under treatment, with regular diarrheas, stomach aches, and lack of energy in the afternoon with need for a siesta .... after a few days of PolarAid™ disc application he recovered his vitality, more energy and finally had solid stools.
A lady close to him, struggling with shoulder pain for several months, after two applications of the disc, noticed that pain got significantly reduced.
S.H. (Peterborough, Ontario)
I used the PolarAidTM disc the other night in bed, for my neck, and slept with it on my night table – after a bit of an emotionally exhausting evening – normally I would wake up feeling still mentally exhausted, but this time around I felt great… and so did my neck! Just thought I’d share. Have a beautiful day.
C.S. (Hamilton, Ontario)
‎Thank you for the fifth disk, it is of great help with my heavy fatigue due to myelofibrosis.
Mati Coehen (Thornhill, Canada)
I hurt my lower back and have suffered from a lot of pain. I ordered PolarAid disc as it shows that it is very effective for back pain. When I applied disc for the first time my pain intensified almost to the level when injury happened. I was not frightened with this reaction as this is what says in the booklet. After a while pain disappeared and I am very well now. Thank you so much PolarAid!
G.B. (St Bruno de Montarville, Canada)
Since I have used the PolarAid, a month and a half ago, my sleep has finally become regulated. Fatigue has decreased significantly and my mood is more cheerful. I say to everybody "to try it is to adopt it!". All the best, G.B.
H. T. (Montreal, Canada)
PolarAid increased my libido and is making me feel younger! Being 61 year old, I have learnt to accept the limits regarding my sexual needs and performance, which meant having an intercourse with my wife once a week. However, after using polarization disc PolarAid on a regular basis for the past 5 months, a recent experience while we were travelling abroad is encouraging me not to give up so early. After enjoying a first full intercourse in the morning, by coincidence it happened that we ended up in a nice cozy guest house the next evening. There we enjoyed a pleasant dinner accompanied by a bottle and a half of local wine, followed with a glass of, a kind of a local cognac, in front of the fireplace where the wood was cracking and flames were dancing. This "romantic" ambiance had its effects, but still I thought to myself "good luck" since I wasn't sure - twice in a day is no longer in the cards, and even more so after so much alcohol. But it happened and to my surprise, 5 months of usage by PolarAid demonstrated how our body could be re-energized, and shall I say rejuvenated. I had not used the polarization disc for that purpose and had looked with disbelief when I heard that PolarAid could improve the libido but it worked!
Milan Lazic (Toronto, Canada)
Seven years ago I had a stroke and since then, have suffered from freezing cold in my legs and a lot of cramping pain. I ordered PolarAid disc and applied it as per doctor’s instructions. In only a couple of days, sensation of cold in my feet disappeared as well as cramps. I am so grateful to PolarAid to have freed me from this long suffering.
Michelle D. (Longueuil, Canada)
PolarAid helped me greatly to eliminate the pain caused by hemorrhoids. I am still amazed that just being seated on the disc three times for fifteen minutes, I have managed to solve my problem when I was supposed to have them surgically removed. Thank you PolarAid!
Carmen, Saint-Hubert (Quebec, Canada)
I bought the disc from PolarAid Health Inc. I am very happy because it does much good on our body. My husband, it makes him sleep well, and he always had problems with cold feet and numb toes. With PolarAid disc, his feet are warm and toes are not anymore as numb, and I noticed that the house air is much better. When I hurt my body, I place the disk and the pain disappears within fifteen minutes. I'm happy with its effectiveness. I have two discs! It's fantastic for me, I always say that it's a wonderful gift. The people I know who have PolarAid disc, are delighted with the results. This is a benefit to our health. Everything must be done for our body.
Jan Erik Sigdell (Sweden)
I was sceptical about the disc. I had cardiac arrhythmia (atrial undulation) and my cardiologist scheduled an electro cardio version (ECV). A few days before my appointment, my wife placed the disc on my heart chakra. After a while, the arrhythmia stopped. Also, my wife sleeps better when she places the disc 1m away from her pillow. We will continue to experiment with PolarAid.
Sylvia King (Toronto, Canada)
Since my puberty, I've always had very painful menstrual periods. And then it stopped since using the disc from the beggining - no pain for the first time ever and without taking any additional pills! Thank you PolarAid!
Louis Cousineau (Montreal, Canada)
Last year I broke my leg and as a consequence, I have an imbalance of my legs with occasional pain in the joints of the ankle, knee, and even one hip. What I do now, instead of taking Advil, I apply the PolarAid disc on the joint that hurts, for 15 to 20 minutes. First I feel warmth and then, no more pain!
Sandra Therrien (Longueuil, Canada)
Affected with thyroid disease, I suffered from various symptoms. I would wake up sweating in the middle of the night, with my pajamas soaked. I felt what it’s know as “brain fog”, dizziness and ocasional arrhythmia. After reading an article about Dr. Tomic and Hashimoto's disease, I immediately bought PolarAid. For a long time I have been looking for a solution because, as I understood it, my condition was psychosomatic. Now I put Polaraid on my throat at the thyroid gland eevry day. This has not (yet, I believe) cured my thyroid and I do continue to take my medication, but it made DISAPPEARE these very painful SYMPTOMS.
Geneviève Martineau (Quebec, Canada)
I had a mild heart arrhythmia that doctors could not diagnose but naturally, it worried me whenever I was feeling it. After using PolarAid for ten days, my arrhythmia is gone!
Robert Sabourin (Ottawa, Canada)
I had big problems with insomnia and for years I would sleep only few hours during the night. I was feeling tired all the time and the moment I would come home, I would imediatly go to rest. And then on weekends, I had no energy to do anything with my three children. I've never really been attracted to alternative medicine. But my wife, who has several health problems, heard about PolarAid and bought the disc - and it really helped so now we even put it in between our pillows when we go sleeping. Without realising it at first, my sleep time became much longer and now I have normal nights of sleep! I regain my energy and the joy of playing with my children!
Kristina Sremska (Kosovo)
PolarAid had quite an impact on my mother’s allergy. She suffered irritation, itchiness and tiny blisters in her armpits and cleavage. After applying PolarAid, the itchiness and irritation disappeared, and soon after, so did the blisters. It all happened very fast!
Katarina Popović (Montenegro)
Thank you kindly for your support and advice using PolarAid. My periods are finally regular! Before, pills were the only way to regularize my cycle. But after 2 months of dietary changes and applying PolarAid, the ‘miracle’ happened! I no longer need the pills!
C. L. (Lachutte, Quebec)
Because of stress in my life, I developed acute arthritis that affects my mobility. After two days of using PolarAid, I can again go up and down stairs, without difficulty.