PolarAid™ Testimonials

M.C. (Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)
Good Morning! I wish to say, even at this early stage of using the disc - just for two days, I find myself able to go through the day with more energy. I am most delighted! Thank you, with Blessings.
G.B. (Fort Pierce, US)
Thank you for PolarAid. I feel tremendous improvement and I will continue to share it with friends and co-workers. Many have also purchased PolarAid!
G.H. (Saguenay, Quebec)
I am really happy to have discovered PolarAid especially that it has helped me to recover my energy lost long ago.
C.P. (St-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec)
I use the disc for a few days and there are already good improvements!
C.J. (Montreal, Quebec)
“I received the most wonderful gift from one of my aunts. After only a few weeks of using the PolarAid disc I realize that I found nothing like this disc. THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES!”
G.H. (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
I ordered yesterday and received the PolarAid disc this afternoon. Thanks. Very prompt shipping!
A.M. (Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec)
I saw the advertisement on PolarAid in Good Times magazine and ordered it in February 2017. I have followed the suggestions of use since the beginning and after 10 months of using the PolarAid disc, I can say that during all these months I feel energized and inspired, what pleases my entourage! I had the opportunity to offer the disc to my family and they were all very happy. My friend, a psychology doctor, ordered a PolarAid disc for his son and told me that that it helped him.
F.H. (Kelowna, British Columbia)
I am 90 years old... an age where many people resign themselves to ‘the way things are’. When I read about the PolarAid disc in a popular magazine I was skeptical but
decided to try it as a last resort. How fortunate for me that I did! By using some of the recommended techniques on your website, I have decided to purchase a second disc for myself and family members and friends who can benefit from a gift of increased wellbeing. In any event, I hope it will prove helpful to others in my age group who have resigned themselves to a diminished lifestyle. Yours sincerely... and gratefully!
M.C. (Etobicoke, Ontario)
In November 2016, my wife heard of PolarAid disc and ordered one. I used the disc as per Dr.Tomic’s recommendations and now I Thank you PolarAid, this is a gift to humanity!
E.F. (La Garde, Paris, France)
A friend of mine recommended PolarAid to me a few months ago. Since then, I can live again and I found again the joy of life. I am a 74-year-old lady and I would recommend PolarAid to anyone.
C.C. (Gatineau, Quebec)
When I bought the disc, I used it every day, on all chakras, and after two weeks, major positive changes began to manifest themselves. Naps became rarer until they disappeared completely. I now do 60 minutes of cardio at the gym, 5 days a week and I do aqua fitness 4-5 days a week. Not only do I sleep more restfully without any other intervention than the daily use of the Polaraid disc. I recommend this wonderful instrument to everyone I love.
H.V. (Fort Erie, Ontario)
I cannot believe it! I purchased PolarAid disc 3 weeks ago and I cannot believe that I sleep the full night but I found out that it also helped with another issue that has been limiting the quality of my life for a long time. I am an 80-year-old lady and had to hold the ramp every time when using the stairs and now I feel I no longer need this support!
I am telling all my friends about my experience which, I wish, will inspire them to try the disc! Thank you PolarAid!
B.B. (Stoney Creek, Ontario)
I am a new person!
For years, I have suffered, and nothing helped me. So when I read about PolarAid disc, I thought "why not?" In two weeks after using the disc daily, calm came over me. I have now boundless energy, I am so much happier and I sleep well. I am a new person! I am so excited that I talk about the disc to everybody and my two sisters bought it. Now I use the disc only a couple of times a week, and rest of the time, I leave it on the table in the room. So thank you and please keep up with the good work.
P.D. (Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec)
It's wonderful!
I'm 87 years old and still take care of myself, I see well and drive my car but I was dragging myself to do anything, everything was an effort. I discovered the PolarAid disc in the Good Times magazine. After 5 days of application I feel completely changed. I have much more energy and I don't feel like I did before. So I just bought a second disc for my granddaughter.
N.G. (St-Lambert, Quebec)
I keep talking to my friends because I find that the disc is a fantastic tool to help us better manage our wellbeing and lives. Thanks PolarAid!
L.B. (Sorel-Tracy, Quebec)
I regained my energy to the point of having resumed social dance at 77 years!
N.G. (Sherbrooke, Quebec)
I am ordering a PolarAid disc for my friend! I have been able as of the first few days to appreciate its efficiency. I was weak and a somewhat a bit aggressive. I not only recovered my energy but also my good humor!
C.R. (Windsor,Quebec)
I ordered the PolarAid disc on Thursday morning and on Friday morning it arrived via post. So I began the use the same day and in the evening, my spouse already saw the difference on my mood. Thank you PolarAid, I keep taking care of myself!
F.R. (Bonaventure, Quebec)
I saw your ad in "Bel Age" (Good Times) and decided to buy your PolarAid disc which I have been using since last summer. I always keep my PolarAid with me, even at night, I apply it at my feet in the bed!
M. Lefthaili (Tazghilit, Morocco)
As a young Moroccan woman, I live in the Anti-Atlas, a few hours south of Marrakech, in Morocco. While I had been a sportswoman (karateka), I had become a human wreck. A friend in Canada sent me your PolarAid disc. After a year of using the disc, I just resumed jogging! I can use the disc at any time without having to pay very expensive treatments and I do not have to travel from my douar (mountain village). The least I can do is to testify to express my gratitude!
J.G. (Grass Valley, California)
This is the 2nd PolarAid disc I've purchased. My boyfriend, my sister and a good friend have all ordered based upon my experience with your product. I am buying this one as a gift to another sister (who is not as open to this type of thing). Thought you might like to hear this.
Robert J. (Reb Bluff, California, US)
I have no words to express my gratitude, thank you very much PolarAid!
Sabine C. (Surrey, BC)
My mom told me about your product. I am a skeptical person by nature but I decided to give your disc a try. To my surprise, I have been able to keep the pain at bay since trying the PolarAid disc. Since it worked so well this surpasses anything I could have hoped for. I have even used it to clarify my water and I can actually taste a difference. I have told anyone who will listen about your product and will continue to do so!! I plan on giving one to my best friend so that she can experience what I am feeling because when you find something that works like this well you want to share the wealth so to speak with dear friends and family.
For all this and more I say Thank You for coming up with this marvelous small piece of wonder!
L.D. (Longueuil, Quebec)
I discovered PolarAid. It was a real rebirth because I feel today as a new person.
P.B. (Rimouski, Quebec)
PolarAid that has changed my life! I have also experienced the energization of water that I drink and have noticed how different the taste is.
S.T. (Longueuil, Quebec)
Since I have discovered PolarAid disc myself, I bought 7 more discs and offered them to my family and friends. We are all gratified to have discovered a fantastic tool which being in 70ties enormously helps us daily to deal with different kinds of aging. Thanks to the PolarAid which I use daily on my chakras, my vitality has been restored, I feel energized and younger.
W.Z. (Toronto)
Dear Dr. Tomic,
Thank You Doctor...!!!
PS: I was amazed at what the Disc does to tap water after 30 minutes... The taste is delightful...!!!
Teresa M. (Toronto)
I ordered PolarAid disc and followed the protocol. In just a few days I felt a huge improvement. I understood that just by sitting on the disc, keeping it close to me on the table and in my Pocket, feeds my body with energy which I desperately missed for years. Thank you PolarAid.
C.S. (Hamilton, Ontario)
Thank you for the fifth disk, it is of great help!
Mati Coehen (Thornhill, Canada)
Thank you so much PolarAid!
G.B. (St Bruno de Montarville, Canada)
Since I have used the PolarAid, a month and a half ag and my mood is more cheerful. I say to everybody "to try it is to adopt it!". All the best, G.B.
H. T. (Montreal, Canada)
5 months of usage by PolarAid demonstrated how our body could be re-energized, and shall I say ‘motivated and encouraged’.
Carmen, Saint-Hubert (Quebec, Canada)
I bought the disc from PolarAid Health Inc. I am very happy because it does much good on our body. My husband, is sleeping restfully and it has helped his cold feet. … and I noticed that the house air is much better. I have two discs! It's fantastic for me, I always say that it's a wonderful gift. The people I know who have PolarAid disc, are delighted with the results. This is a benefit to our sense of balance and harmony. We must do as much as we can to help ourselves.
Robert Sabourin (Ottawa, Canada)
I was feeling tired all the time and the moment I would come home, I would immediately go to rest. And then on weekends, I had no energy to do anything with my three children. I've never really been attracted to alternative medicine. But my wife, heard about PolarAid and bought the disc - and it really helped so now we even put it in between our pillows when we go sleeping. Without realizing it at first, I have normal nights of sleep! I regained my energy and the joy of playing with my children!
Katarina Popović (Montenegro)
Thank you kindly for your support and advice using PolarAid.