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Talk with Dr.Tomic: How everybody can become a powerfull healer with PolarAid


Nowadays, it is undeniable that human beings have electromagnetic features. It has been scientifically proven, and many diagnostic procedures in modern medicine are based on measuring of our electromagnetic parameters, and thus assessing the overall level of our physical health or functioning of certain organs. The best known of these methods are: ECG, EEG, EMG, magnetic resonance and some other lesser known.

However, the above diagnostics is not followed by appropriate method of medical treatment but everything is attributed to using of pharmacological preparations which are increasingly coming into question because of their inefficiency and horrific side effects. Is it reasonable that some diseases are declared incurable and that the treatment consists of a lifelong dependence on medication, if it is known that the same diseases were successfully treated a few decades ago?

“Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla have achieved the amazing results with application of their high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas on a large number of patients with a variety of health problems “, says Doctor Dino Tomic. “In the forties of the last century they treated everything with the above devices. They used them to remove changes from the face of their patients. At the same time their wrinkles disappeared, their skin became tighten, and their hair became thicker. The patients were healed and rejuvenated.”

Fascinated by this story Dr. Dino Tomic with some of his fellow doctors and engineers managed to procure and to make the most of the equipment and devices that were once used: “In fact, we procured the original schemes from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and from different parts of the world, wherever they were available. We have managed to solve the problems our patients struggled with for years. Only a few treatments were enough to solve their problems with locomotor apparatus (the spine, joints, tendons, ligaments). Conventional medicine could not help them with these problems. We have managed to cure some of the so-called “incurable” diseases, such as hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease), in the same way as Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla did many years ago.”

“However, taking into account all the techniques we used, I was most impressed by the polarization antenna or a polarization disc – PolarAid. It is a small device with no supply of electrical power, but it achieves fantastic effects and results in a person who uses it”, says Dr. Tomic, pointing out that as the doctor-gynecologist in the conventional medicine he has reached the top. After that limit everything began to spin in a circle, because he was no longer able to help his patients, and he had to go on. “It made me searching for other ways of healing, so I completed the quantum medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, MRT, energy methods such as reconnection, reiki and some of the newer technologies of consciousness. I was working with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices that go beyond today’s conventional medicine for thousands of years. But PolarAid impressed me. Many years of my learning and efforts have been brought into question when I realized that every person, without a single day of training, with PolarAid in his/her hands becomes the most powerful, supreme healer.”

PolarAid is efficient for humans and plants

We conducted different experiments with this simple device. Some of them were conducted on plants. Plants that were exposed to the effect of the polarization disc have grown much faster than others. It was obvious that wheat treated with polarization disc has a larger mass by at least 30 percent, having longer and more vital leaves than those which were not growing up under the influence of the disc. The same happens with the human body being exposed to the effect of disc. Many health problems disappear for a very short time and human body becomes vital. Dr. Tomic says that it is known that the thyroid gland is believed to be the conductor of the whole body functioning. If it does not function properly, the body organs deteriorate, ageing is accelerated and many other health problems arise. The treatment of this point from 5 to 10 minutes together with additional cleaning of the body can solve this problem.

PolarAid is exceptional in gynecology

PolarAid has proven to be exceptional in gynecology as well: “I have recommended to my patients to sit on PolarAid while chatting and having coffee with their friends. This would be sufficient therapeutic time to eliminate banal vaginal infection, as well as serious gynecological problems. In hormonal imbalance PolarAid would return all to normality, revitalizing even ovaries. By the way, ladies would get rid of persistent urinary problems or annoying hemorrhoids. Using the same procedure, the men would recover their prostate; improve their libido, and therefore their sex life. If your child sleeps restlessly put the polarization disc under its pillow or mattress (for 5-10 min). You will notice that your baby will settle quickly.” – says Dr.Tomic.

PolarAid does not emit radiation

Put the crystal on the polarization disc and feel if the energy in the room has changed. Some patients have placed PolarAid on their forehead and their sinuses have become healthy and clean. They were emptied rapidly. “The list of positive experiences is long, but it can be said that PolarAid has positive effect on all parts of human body”, says Dr. Tomic. Also, Dr Tomic considers it extremely important that this unusual device called PolarAid does not emit radiation. it is the matter of pure science, that is, the laws of physics. It simply fosters in multiple ways the energy inflow (bio-energy) in your body inciting it to cure itself in a completely natural way, which is anyhow the only possible solution. Essentially, you have in your body all self-healing mechanisms and natural remedies that function perfectly, with no danger of overdosing. The problem will occur when the energy level has been lowered or when the energy inflow has been disrupted. It is something that can be successfully compensated for or solved by Polaris.


“We decided to sell PolarAid at a very affordable price, which is not higher than a box of multivitamin supplements. In addition, a box of supplements will last 1-2 months, while PolarAid has no expiry date and there is no need for its maintenance (which is not the case with crystals)”, says Dr. Tomic.  He points out that with small cash investment people will have a life-long home energy therapists and a friend in trouble. “Our wish is to make PolarAid financially available to all those who really want it. Nevertheless, PolarAid can be used by all your family members and even your pets and your plants. My personal opinion is that every home should have thermometer and Polaris. Our health is entirely in our hands. It’s nice to know that nothing is impossible, right? The future with PolarAid has already begun”, says Dr. Tomic.


If you use PolarAid you will quickly get rid of gynecological and urological problems, infertility, weakened libido and potency, obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal problems, painful joints and spine, all kinds of pain, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroiditis, sinusitis, headache, etc.


During the use of the PolarAid, everyone, without exception will experience certain sensations in the particular part of the body, which may be in the form of stronger pain, stitching,  aching, pressure, burning and  warming sensation, enhanced bowel function, etc. Those with compromised health will have more conspicuous discomforts. Don’t let this frighten you because it indicates that there is a dysfunction on that point, and that the body is currently activating its forces to fix it. These sensations will gradually diminish, until they disappear, that is, until the discomfort has been eliminated totally on that point, and the body has been purged from the collected toxins”, says Doctor Tomic.


You may also put a jug of water on the disc itself.  In 30 minutes you will get a very powerful healing remedy. The room in which you hold your PolarAid will be cleansed of harmful electromagnetic radiation and even from negative energy sent by people.

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