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A story on how persistence pays off


We are sharing with you a beatiful testimonial we recieved from a PolarAid user from Maple Ridge.

“It is with pleasure that I am writing a positive review on Polaraid disc which I purchased, as a last attempt, to alleviate some of my pains.

I am currently waiting for surgery on my low back and I have been waiting for over 1 year. I purchased Polaraid disc 3 months ago and much to my surprise I am literally free from the debilitating pain in my back among other severe aches and pains, one being very painful arthritis all over. But the worst pain was in my hands, particularly my right hand. I used to wear copper bracelets and rings as the copper seemed to alleviate some of that pain.

At first I called the company after trying the device for 3 weeks, as nothing of any significance had happened yet. I live on a disability pension and I wanted to make sure I would be getting my money back if nothing happened after a month, with little time left.  After consulting on protocol with the person who answers at the company phone number, I was told to be persistent in doing what I had been doing as per the instructions.

The protocol tells you to go through the seven chakras and so this is what I did. Much to my surprise after another one to two weeks, pain in my back and hands started to lessen significantly. I have had it for about 3 months and I am literally pain free now!

I still do the 7 chakras each morning for 5 minutes each chakra and I am beyond happy to let you all know that I am PAIN FREE!

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am, and at my age, I am now seriously considering not going through the trauma of a back surgery!

Thank you PolarAid for saving me from a life of harsh pain! I believe that we are all living with way too much negative energy around us from cell phones to TV’s, computers, etc. The Polaraid gets rid of the negative energy and makes your body work the way it is supposed to!

PolaAid disc also helped me greatly with several stomach issues including a significant pain that my gastroenterologist could not identify the cause, even after essays, CT scans. They even sliced my entire belly open from lower abdomen to my sternum. It is a nasty scar, to say the least. After regularly doing the 7 chakras for approximately two months I no longer have any pain in my stomach and my doctors are beyond stoked.  I showed and told them about the disc and they can’t believe that I have nothing bothering me anymore.

I sleep much better and feel better than when I was a teenager!  Even my skin is better than it has ever been in my entire life, people that I know are commenting on how much better I look and that I’m no longer walking like an old lady. My incontinence and bowel movements are no longer any problem at all when I’ve suffered from both issues since I can’t remember!

I am 60 years old but feel like I’m in my twenties again! 

I can never thank you enough for this little disc, it truly is the answer to longevity!”