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A letter from Dr. Tomic: Milorad's story and how we ourselves are miracle workers


“I was thinking to buy crutches and a wheelchair, but now I have forgotten that I have my spine at all.”  These are the words which I heard from Milorad Uskokovic (1949) from Nova Crvenka one morning 2-3 months ago. It’s really hard to hide pleasure when someone tells you something like this. So far I wrote mainly about the scientific aspects of energy and experience of my colleagues from the same profession, because it is very important that many people involved in medicine really understand what the disease is, how it occurs and how to help people to get rid of the causes of their problems not only dealing with the removal of valuable symptoms that indicate that something is really wrong with our organism.


Pictured left: Milorad Uskokovic

Since I have received many letters from people who want to share their positive experience with the use of PolarAid, some of them deserve to be published. We have published some interesting cases on the website www.polaraidhealth.com in order to begin exchanging of information, because this is really the only way to help each other. And now people really communicate, share their experiences and help each other, which seems to be our most important life and divine mission.

So Milorad’s story touched me deeply, increasing at the same time my happiness and satisfaction that I somehow managed to help him even indirectly. When he started to tell me his health problems and what he has trouble and pain with, at one point I interrupted him and said: “Well, maybe it would be easier that you tell me if there is something that does not hurt you?” Of course, his spine was one of the biggest problems in his entire story. It was very hard for me to listen to that someone in his age, instead of enjoying his retirement, must work hard and physically intensive jobs in order to provide existence for his family in such health condition. Here is what he said about it:

 “I bought the PolarAid polarization disc on 15 May and since then my PolarAid is always with me. Until then, I had pain in my spine, and I received 10-15 hot injections, but it did not help. Now I forget that I have my spine at all. I had a cardiac arrhythmia. I used to call medical emergency in order to help me. After 10-15 days of treatment with PolarAid everything was all right. I used to be nervous. Currently, I laugh and communicate with people again. My legs were constantly cold as ice, but it disappeared. I had constipation and blood in my stool. I sat on the disc for three times, after which my pain and bleeding stopped. Now I have a normal stool. The rectoscopy has proved my piles disappeared as well. Prostate medical findings have proved its normal size. I have no more urinary infections. I had a headache and could not sleep during whole night. Now I sleep soundly. Also, my vision is much better now, even though I was extremely shortsighted. I had an egg sized lump under my right armpit which I did not want to be operated. After treatment with PolarAid this lump was reduced to the size of a pea. I had pain in my legs, as well as small wounds on them. They are clean now. PolarAid with its bioenergy has cleaned my body. Now I drink more water, and half the food I used to eat. I do not feel tired. I feel younger for at least twenty years.”

It is not easy to remain indifferent to this story associated with very difficult life story. But it is my great pleasure to hear the laughter of the same man who radiates optimism. He says he is eager to talk with other people and share his experience, and insists that we give his phone number to anyone who asks for it. This is truly a beautiful story about our true nature and what our body can do if we help it in the right way. It has been known for a long time that vital energy can make wonders and miraculous healings. However, in recent times, we realize more and more that we ourselves are miracle workers, and there are so simple and powerful devices such as PolarAid, which push the limits of the possible. So it is nice to know that nothing is impossible. The future has long since begun.

This is one of many experiences and stories PolarAid users shared with us. For more, please visit our Testimonials page.

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