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Dr Tomic recently visited Canada and together with the PolarAid Health team, he met with Polaraid clients in Toronto and Montreal. It was a unique opportunity to discuss all the ways the polarization disc is improving our lives – from gynecological, urological and menopause problems, weakened libido and potency, obesity, hemorrhoids, to all kinds of pain, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems to thyroiditis, headache, mood disorders and much more.

On a meetup in Montreal last month, we were very pleased to welcome so many of you and happy to see that the bioenergy transmitted by the PolarAid disc is building a network of people connected to the idea that we need to take back our health care into our own hands. On travelling and talking face to face to people from all over the world, Dr.Tomić says, “My observation is that a person’s health preoccupations do not differ from one country to another and what we have seen as a health improvement with the PolarAid disc being integrated in people’s health management is rather similar everywhere you go”. “I was happy to hear from all who have found support in bioenergy for their painful conditions and I feel enormous gratitude for this great invention to Dr. George Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla”, concludes Dr. Tomic.

For this blog post, we wanted to share just few of many questions we received during our sessions and the feedback we got from Dr. Tomic. Hope it helps you with finding the best way to use your PolarAid disc!

How much time should we apply the disc on the body? 
 “As with food and water, needed quantity is never the same for two people. And this also applies to bioenergy. Instructions are given as a baseline for us to start to supplement our body cells with vital energy and to experiment with the disc, while listening to our body, so that we dose it in meeting our body’s needs.”

When is it best to use the disc?  “We may use the disc any time during the day but the best time is in the morning when there is neither noise nor activity around. We can then focus on our senses and listen to our body to better understand its signals.”

Do I only need to treat my chakras or can I also treat painful areas?
 “In directing the bioenergy through our chakras to connected organs, we actually tone up all organs, and we synchronize and optimize their function. This allows our body to restore its self-healing capabilities. However, when we have pain or we know that one organ has been weakened, we have to supply vital energy on a daily basis by applying the disc directly on the area or on the organ to reduce the inflammation. I always like to make comparison with simple things. For example, if you ask me if in your garden you should water only your cucumbers, my response is that it is better to water the WHOLE garden.”

What are the new findings?  “At the hospital I work, we have done color Doppler measurements of blood circulation in the carotids when applying the polarization disc and have found a 30% increase in the blood flow which will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the brain. We have also determined that by applying the disc on solar plexus for 15-20 minutes, bioenergy relaxes the big arteries and veins in the stomach and every blood pressure measurement done after the PolarAid disc application showed the reduction by 10 to 15 mg Hg. In ophthalmology clinical tests, we are following eye disorders such as cataract and glaucoma and so far have seen encouraging results. A new video posted on our website shows how easy it is to integrate the disc utilization in our daily routines and hope you will all adopt PolarAid to your full satisfaction. “

Who is Dr. Dino Tomić? Dr. Tomic currently works as a medical doctor, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For the past 20 years, he has explored and experimented with alternative medicines such as quantum and bioresonance medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and energy techniques.

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