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She lost 17 kgs in three months


Thanks to the latest scientific discoveries, we are starting to better understand our real nature and the importance of energy we get from our environment, or from space.


With my fellow doctors and engineers we have studied for years the work of Dr. Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla, and came to the fascinating results achieved by a simple, but so powerful device called PolarAid™ disc. Disk works on the principle of the antenna that collects bio-energy from the environment and when applied on our body it directs this amplified flow to our organism,  stimulating its self-regulating mechanisms, with a drastic improvement in health status and other aspects of life.

The feedbacks we get from users, are truly captivating. Many have finally solved long-standing pain in the spine and joints, while others have managed to cope with a variety of neurological disorders, insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia, hemorrhoids, digestive problems and troubles with the urinary tract, prostate, impaired libido, sinuses, persistent headaches . PolarAid™ is also effective in the case of pre-menstrual syndrome, climacteric symptoms, and other gynecological problems, as well as impaired blood circulation and cold feet. The latest reports from diabetic patients show that some have managed to reduce their daily dose of insulin, while others affirm that they no longer need nightly dose of insulin. Asthmatics claim that they suffer less from suffocation and significantly feel better when using PolarAid™. List of positive testimonials is very long (see our testimonial page on www.polaraidhealth.com) and for us, medicine doctors, these are the most valuable information. Among these testimonials, there were those reporting that they had achieved a significant weight loss even though it was not their primary goal in treatment. At first we did not consider these comments as most important, but given how obesity can affect our health, we began to take notes of these cases as well.

We know that PolarAid™ increases metabolism, promotes bowel movements and excess fluid from the body , but we were really surprised by the results . One of the most interesting is the case of Mrs. Dragica Lipar from Slovenia who recently reported an interesting story. Here is an email that she sent to us:

‘Dear Doctor, when I read in the newspapers about PolarAid™, I immediately visited your site. Among other things, my attention was drawn to the part which relates to obesity. So, I wrote to you and to my surprise, even though it was Sunday, you answered to me within 10 min. Soon I got your PolarAid™ disc and immediately started using it as specified in the instructions. For 90 days I have lost (thank God) more than 17 kgs. I melted. And now, for three more months I have maintained the same weight, without any sacrifice. Best regards and many thanks to you and PolarAid™.’



I recently had the opportunity to personally meet with Mrs. Dragica to verify her story. Having seen her on a picture which she had sent to me, I have to admit that I had a hard time to recognize her. During our conversation, I understood that she has a very strong character and is very determined to succeed. As I suspected, she also confirmed to me changes in certain of her habits , especially in nutrition and physical activity . As for most health issues, here too, it is evident that no one has more power to do good to us than ourselves. Good to know that nothing is impossible! says Dr. Tomic. (Pictures above: Mrs. Dragica before using PolarAid polarization disc; Mrs. Dragica and Dr. Tomic after Mrs. Dragica used the disc for 90 days)

Dr. Dino Tomić currently works as a medical doctor, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For the past 20 years, he has explored and experimented with alternative medicines such as quantum and bioresonance medicine, homeopathy, acu-puncture, and energy techniques.

PolarAid – polarization disk, in supporting restoration of body’s self healing capability, has an excellent performance in: gynecological and urological problems, PMS, climacteric problems, infertility, weakened libido and potency, obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal problems, painful joints and spine, all kinds of pain, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroiditis, sinusitis, headache, mood disorders, etc