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Helping our pets with PolarAid


Today`s post is about interesting stories on how PolarAid helped animals recover when there were no options of recovery left for their owners and veterinarians. As well as many times before, we realize here too that the vital energy is the main incentive to self-healing mechanism within the body. So here’s the story – bellow is the picture of the originally published article by Dr.Tomic.

`For thousands of years people have implied that the key factor for good health and life is somewhere around us and that the solution is quite simple. They have understood that it is some kind of life giving energy and they were trying to get it by all possible ways. In various cultures it was called differently, prana, qi, orgone, or at the end in the Western culture it is simply called bioenergy (life energy). Today there is modern equipment that can record and measure such energy, as well as the effects of its influence on human body. The man has not yet been able to fully master it, some say fortunately, others say it would probably be misused by now similar to many useful scientific achievements, or ultimately it would be very expensive to buy. Fortunately, its benefits since ancient times until today are used exclusively for the human’s benefit in terms of improving health and quality of life. From ancient acupuncture, various energy techniques, to the most modern quantum and bioresonant equipment, everything is reduced to provide a smooth and adequate supply and energy to human body. This will enable health and everything else to function properly. Dealing with this issue for years with some of my colleagues, doctors and engineers, we have come to a very simple device made by the Russian scientist G. Lakhovsky, called PolarAid, which just provides us an access to the sea of life energy which we are surrounded by. PolarAid polarization disc collects energy from our surroundings and directs it into our cells encouraging them to regenerate.

PolarAid - energy that supports (gives) lifeWe have talked a lot about its effects on human health. But there are very interesting stories explaining how PolarAid and its energy influence on plants and animals. We have previously shown that children and animals response instinctively feeling good energy, and often they will not let you to take PolarAid disc from them. So in this case there is no so-called placebo effect. Now we already have a lot of feedback from users of PolarAid, which are reporting that the disc helped the healing process for their pets too. One of them is Ljubica Buba Nedeljkovic, who lives near Vienna. According to her, her dog Benny has suffered from paralyzing of its both legs from time to time. Despite the veterinary checks and costly therapy, the situation has not improved. The dog just stayed motionless for 2-3 days. Since Buba has been using PolarAid for a long time, it occurred to her to try to help her dog with the disc. And a wonder really happened. After just ten minutes lying on the disk, her dog got up as if nothing had happened, and went cheerfully to run around. Of course everybody was surprised.

We received another interesting story is from Zrenjanin. We have recently been contacted by Ms. Dragana Karišik who resolved her long-standing problems with painful spine with PolarAid but she also wanted to tell us her experiences with the treatment of her goat. According to her, one day her goat simply could not walk, its belly was bloated; its tongue was dropped to the side and it stopped eating completely. She called a prominent vet, but unfortunately there was not much help, the situation has not changed. Then she remembered to try to use PolarAid and to help her goat. She put the disk on its belly, and both, she and veterinarian were surprised when her goat got up, its stomach subsided, the tongue returned to its place, and the goat began to eat again. These days she reported that goat still removes somewhat from its mouth, and that the cleaning process is still ongoing, but it feels much better.

Here is a nice email message we received a few months ago from Ms. Joka Bezovnik from Hvar, “I am a very lucky user of PolarAid. My friends mostly listen to me with disbelief, but I don’t care about it. I saved my cat’s life from poisoning. It survived. I put Polaris under my cat’s body, whenever and wherever it collapsed, and here it is alive! “

These are just few of many experiences and stories PolarAid users shared with us. For more, please visit our Testimonials page.

Those who feel the benefits of energy with PolarAid, frequently ask whether they imagine  the benefits of PolarAid – just because they do not know how to explain the improvement in their health, mood and other aspects of their life. As we know, animals do not know how to lie either to themselves or others, so the effects obtained on them are absolutely indisputable. Of course, the effects obtained on people are also indisputable, but the problem is in our mind – we need to realize that the solutions are there at our fingertips and they are so simple. Only if we accept that we are human beings with energy features, everything else will be clear.`