PolarAid™ FAQ

Is there a guarantee to return the polarization disc if it does not meet my expectations?
Yes, if after experimenting for 30 days, you find that the disc does not meet your expectations, we will refund minus shipping and administration fees. This policy is fully defined in the "Shipping and Return" clause (the bottom of the STORE page).
How do I order the PolarAid disc?
Go to the STORE section on our website or dial 1-450-486-7888.
How are discs shipped in Canada and is there any possible delay to receive them?
We ship the discs by postal services that deliver between one and five working days. This service includes a tracking system which secures every shipment.
How safe is PolarAid?
PolarAid is a simple, but expertly crafted antenna device to direct and amplify vital energy to the body. There is No radiation. No electricity. No magnets nor magnetism.
Can several people use the same disc?
Yes, no problem! The disc does not load or discharge itself with any energy from other users.
When is it best to use the disc?
You may use the disc any time during the day but the best time is in the morning when there is less noise and activity around. We can then focus on our senses and listen to our body to better understand its signals.
How much time should we apply the disc on the body?
As with food and water, needed quantity is never the same for any two people. And this also applies to bioenergy. Instructions are given as a baseline to benefit from vital energy and to experiment with the disc. Listen to your body and you will be able to meet your individual needs.
Can I use the disc on animals?
Yes, many users have reported using them on pets very successfully
Do I only need to treat my energy centers (chakras) or can I also treat other areas?

From Dr. Tomic: “In directing the bioenergy through our energy centers, we enhance our total wellness and well being. However, you can apply PolarAid to any area of the body on a daily basis but to make a simple comparison: if you ask me if you should water only your cucumbers in your garden, my response is that it is better to water the WHOLE garden.”
Can I use disc on water or on plants?
To experience PolarAid’s positive effects firsthand you can put the PolarAid disc under a glass of water for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can then drink the water or water your plants with it. Positive results were demonstrated by tests on two adjacent identical potted plants: one watered with non-energized water and the other with PolarAid energized water. You also can put the PolarAid disc under a potted plant when the disc is not in use and in a few days you can clearly visualize PolarAid’s positive effects
How can I improve water from my tap?
You may also put a jug of water on the disc itself. After a minimum of 30 minutes you will experience a very different kind of water: smooth and energized. Please note: the disc does NOT filter the water.
How can I improve the energy and air in a room?
The room in which you place your PolarAid will be cleared of harmful electromagnetic radiation and will feel pleasant and balanced to be in. A sense of harmony will pervade.
Can we use multiple discs simultaneously?
Yes! For example, you can use two discs at the same time on two different areas of the body. Place a disc under each foot for 10 minutes or use them on two body energy points (chakras). However, there is no need to apply two discs together because one disc is totally sufficient to draw enough life energy to any area to which it is applied.
Can we experiment with the disc?
Of course! Every human being is unique! And everyone has different levels of sensitivity to energy. Dr. Tomic and his team have developed a protocol, as a baseline from which you can experiment, depending on your increased sense of wellbeing, wellness, balance, peace and harmony.

Dr. Tomic, an obstetrician and gynecologist, enriched his understanding of PolarAid by studying the impressions of hundreds of PolarAid users. Please see our Testimonials page.
How to apply the disc?
Although most people prefer to apply the side of the disc with the rings touching their body, the two sides of the disc are equally effective because the disc is reversible. You can apply the disc directly on the skin or over clothing even synthetic fibers.
How do I clean the disc?
PolarAid is maintenance-free. The copper-based alloy antenna rings are protected within the plastic surrounding the disc. Consequently, PolarAid can be cleaned as you would any plastic: Use soap and water, rinse, dry with a clean towel and let it dry completely by air drying. Avoid abrasives and chemicals.
How long is PolarAid active?
PolarAid lasts forever! There is no expiration date.
Can the disc be used with other alternative medicine devices?
Yes, because it emits no radiation nor magnetism, the disc does not interfere with other devices. However, if we want to more easily identify the specific effects of the disc, it is preferable (but not necessary) to temporarily suspend the use of other alternative medicine devices.
Do we need to use PolarAid in daylight or sunlight for the disc to be active?
No! The polarization disc functions as an antenna which directs and amplifies the vital, natural energy around us whether we use it in the dark or in the light.
How affordable is PolarAid?
“We decided to sell PolarAid at a very affordable price, which is not more expensive than a bottle of quality multivitamin supplements. In addition, a box of supplements will last 1-2 months while PolarAid has no expiry date and there is no need for maintenance (which is not the case with crystals, for instance)”, says Dr. Tomic. He points out that with small cash investment people will have a life-long, home energy product.

“Our wish is to make PolarAid financially available to all those who really want it and PolarAid can be used by all your family members and even your pets and can be used on plants. My personal opinion is that every home should have a thermometer and a PolarAid disc. Our wellbeing is entirely in our hands. It’s nice to know that nothing is impossible, right? The future, with PolarAid, has begun.”, says Dr. Tomic.
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