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Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla have achieved the amazing results with application of their high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas on a large number of patients having a variety of health problems in the ’40s of the last century. One of their patents is the ingenious PolarAid polarization disc. It is a small device which, with no electrical power supply, achieves such effects and results in its user, which are worthy of attention and admiration.

Holding PolarAid in your hands, you become a supreme healer without a single day of training. We conducted various experiments with this simple device (for example on the plants). The plants exposed to PolarAid have been growing much faster than others. You can see it in the Figure 1. It is obvious that the right plant (wheat), being located on a polarization disc, has a larger mass by at least 30% than the other plant, its leaves are longer and more viable, while at the leaves of another plant are bent and shorter.


Figure 1 – The wheat shown right has been treated with PolarAid

The same happens with the human body: many health problems disappear in a very short time and the body becomes vital. We have managed to solve the problems our patients struggled with for years. Only a few treatments were enough to solve their problems with locomotor apparatus (the spine, joints, tendons, ligaments). Conventional medicine could not help them with these problems. We have managed to cure some of the so-called “incurable” diseases, such as hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease), in the same way as Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla did many years ago.

For example, it is known that thyroid gland is the conductor of the whole organism. Its hypofunction (Hashimoto’s disease) will cause rapid deterioration of organs, as well as the occurrence of many serious, primarily, autoimmune diseases, and rapid aging.

If you use PolarAis to treat your thyroid gland only 5-10 minutes a day, you will not only get rid of hypothyroidism, but the superior vitality will be achieved and process of rejuvenation will start in healthy people.

Users testimonials

Now we have the feedbacks from hundreds of users of PolarAid. Their feedbacks range from those who express their gratitude to those ones who could not sleep for years until now with PolarAid placed bedside their bed. They sleep like babies.  Also, there are those ones who have had a variety of other health problems, and now they no longer have such problems.

PolarAid proved to be extraordinary within my gynecological practice. I advised my patients to sit on PolarAid while drinking coffee and talking with their friends. It was very satisfying therapeutic time to resolve all sorts of their problems, ranging from the most banal vaginal infections to more serious gynecological problems. At the same time they would get rid of some persistent urinary symptoms or annoying hemorrhoids. Using the same procedure, sitting on a disk or holding PolarAid between their legs while lying down, the men would recover their prostate, improve their libido and their sex life.

We know also that reduction or cessation of ovarian hormonal activity in women, leads to accelerated aging and deterioration of health in the form of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, etc. Treatment of the lower parts of the stomach leads to stimulation and revitalization of the ovaries, and thus to the establishing of normal hormonal status and extension of vitality and slowing down aging. Stimulation of the higher zones of the stomach will solve the long-standing problems with digestion and constipation, or body weight will be regulated, taking into account that the functioning of overall metabolism has been accelerated.

Some patients treated their frontal area and could not believe that they got rid of their ill sinuses. The list of experiences is too long to list all of them, but it is important to emphasize that PolarAid has positive impact on all aspects of health.

PolarAid simply multiplies the flow of vital energy (bioenergy) in our body and fosters it to self-healing in a completely natural way, which is, after all, the only possible solution. The problem will occur when the energy level has been lowered or when the energy inflow has been disrupted. It is something that can be successfully compensated for and solved by PolaAid.

User testimonials which include both ordinary people and medical doctors can be found on our Testimonial page of the website.

PolarAid – polarizing disk has an excellent performance in: gynecological and urological problems, PMS, climacteric problems, infertility, weakened libido and potency, obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal problems, painful joints and spine, all kinds of pain, pulmonary and cardiovascular problems, thyroiditis, sinusitis, headache, mood disorders, etc.