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A story on how persistence pays off


We are sharing with you a beatiful testimonial we recieved from a PolarAid user from Maple Ridge. “It is with pleasure that I am writing a positive review on Polaraid disc which …

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Thank you PolarAid for the quality of life I enjoy today!


Dear PolarAidTM  users, we are happy to share today this inspiring story reported to us by M.B. from Edmonton (Alberta). For those of you who have an inspiring story to share …

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Dr Tomic recently visited Canada and together with the PolarAid Health team, he met with Polaraid clients in Toronto and Montreal. It was a unique opportunity to discuss all the …

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Thanks to PolarAid my heart beats again like a clock


“After only 4 months of continuous usage of PolarAidtm disc, my health condition is completely stabilized”, says Danica Kovacevic Doctor, please tell what is wrong with me? The most difficult question …

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Visit PolarAid Health Inc. at the Whole Life Expo 2016 in Toronto


PolarAid Health inc is pleased to announce its participation at this years’ Whole Life Expo, with the presence of dr.Tomic. Whole Life Expo 2016 Canada's largest showcase of natural health and green living celebrates its …

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She lost 17 kgs in three months


Thanks to the latest scientific discoveries, we are starting to better understand our real nature and the importance of energy we get from our environment, or from space. With my fellow …

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She threw away her crutches after using PolarAid disc for seven days


“After twenty days of treatment with PolarAid polarization disc, the wounds on her leg were completely healed, there was not even a scar,” explains Dr. Tomic. The latest scientific findings have …

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Visit PolarAid Health Inc at the Total Health Show in Toronto


PolarAid Health inc is pleased to announce its participation at this years’ Total Health Annual Convention and Exhibition, North America’s Premium Natural Health Show. Total Health will take place in …

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The power of energy: when pictures speak for themselves


We bring you another testimonial from a PolarAid user, through the words by Dr. Dino Tomic. So here’s the story about multiple benefits of using the polarization disc – below is …

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Talk with Dr.Tomic: How everybody can become a powerfull healer with PolarAid


Nowadays, it is undeniable that human beings have electromagnetic features. It has been scientifically proven, and many diagnostic procedures in modern medicine are based on measuring of our electromagnetic parameters, …

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PolarAid – energy that heals and rejuvenates


Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla have achieved the amazing results with application of their high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas on a large number of patients having a variety of health …

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A letter from Dr. Tomic: Milorad's story and how we ourselves are miracle workers


“I was thinking to buy crutches and a wheelchair, but now I have forgotten that I have my spine at all.”  These are the words which I heard from Milorad …

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Helping our pets with PolarAid


Today`s post is about interesting stories on how PolarAid helped animals recover when there were no options of recovery left for their owners and veterinarians. As well as many times before, …

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