How PolarAid™ works

PolarAid™ supports a broad spectrum of well-being factors with natural energy. By directing, redirecting and harnessing the powerful, natural occurring ‘vital energy flows’ that surround us to the body’s energy points (also called chakras), PolarAid balances disrupted energy flows that can make us feel unbalanced, out of harmony, and can cause the common negative aspects of aging.

The PolarAid™ disc is made of copper metal alloy rings which work like a satellite antenna. It receives vital energy from the environment. When you lay PolarAid on the body, it redirects the energy to replenish the body’s energy flow, enhancing its capacities to bring balance naturally.

No radiation or magnetism. No Expiration Date. Maintenance-free.

PolarAid users shared their experiences on using the disc – visit our Testimonials page.


Harness the Powerful, Vital Energy Surrounding Us! Wellness at your Fingertips!


Enhance the flow of ‘Qi’ energy – Improve balanced energy and vitality!

Promote quality of sleep, relaxation. Enhance female and male sexual health at all stages of adult life. Support weight management and healthy metabolism, bowel health, cardiovascular health, ocular health, sinus health, cerebral health, mental calm, balanced moods, emotional health and more.