History of the technology

Science has proven human beings to have electromagnetic features. Modern medicine’s diagnostic methods such as ECG, EEG, EMG, and MRI measure our body’s electromagnetic parameters to assess health levels and organ functions. Pharmaceutical treatments usually follow these diagnoses. Such treatments are increasingly questioned partly because some are inefficient and may incur distressing side effects.


Tesla and Lakhovsky: the science behind the technology

In the 1940s, Nikola Tesla and Dr. Georges Lakhovsky achieved amazing results using high-frequency oscillators and vortex antennas. The Serbian electrical engineer and the Russian inventor applied devices on multiple patients suffering numerous health problems. The scientists achieved surprising results – side effects to treating facial ailment, for example, included disappearing wrinkles, tighter skin, and thicker hair.

Fascinated by the work of Tesla and Lakhovsky, Dr. Dino Tomić gathered fellow doctors and engineers to procure the equipment used by the scientists, namely from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The medical doctor tested Tesla and Lakhovsky’s technology and managed to heal enduring health issues on some of his patients. His team obtained favourable results by addressing spinal and tendon problems as well as complex diseases such as hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease).