Who is Dr. Tomić?

Today, Dr. Dino Tomic has adapted Lakhovsky’s and Tesla’s groundbreaking science to perfect the PolarAid ‘antenna’ and has developed an easy and effective User Guide.

Dr. Dino Tomić is a medical doctor specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For over 20 years, he has devoted himself to exploring how powerfully medical science and energy medicine interface with quantum and bio-resonance to enhance homeopathy, acupuncture and other modalities.


Enhance the flow of ‘Qi’ energy – Improve balanced energy and vitality!

Promote quality of sleep, relaxation. Enhance female and male sexual health at all stages of adult life. Support weight management and healthy metabolism, bowel health, cardiovascular health, ocular health, sinus health, cerebral health, mental calm, balanced moods, emotional health and more.